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Desserts, Coffees and More!

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with our Desserts!

Dessert Menu

Apple pie and ice-cream



With caramel sauce

Ice cream of the day



Chocolate sauce, berry compote




Chocolate sauce, ice cream, whipped cream

Rocky Road cake plate



Berry compote and whipped cream 

Special Coffees

irish coffee



Irish coffee                            




Coffee, Baileys, vanilla ice cream

Colorado Bull dog



Kahlua, vodka, cream, cola




Kahlua, Frangelico, Baileys             

We Serve With 100% Customer Satisfaction

Too busy to dine-in? Looking for a quiet night at home? We’ve got you covered! Order now from our comprehensive food and beverage menu and we’ll make sure your food is ready for a relaxed night-in! Pick-up and delivery options available.